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TM World Team Cup

Stadium World Team Cup 2018

The Trackmania Stadium World Team Cup 2018 will be hosted in July and August 2018. 

The tournament will be played on the three most played competitive styles, which means that there will be Dirt, Fullspeed and Tech played throughout one match. 
For all the matches the default date will be set to Monday and time to 20 and 21 CEST, as we will introduce double playdays to reduce the length of the tournament. Furthermore all the submatches will be held in the 3 vs. 3 format with which we hope to attract as many nations as possible. 

Since the tournament will be held in summer the goal is to keep the amount of training needed rather minimal. This will mean that there will be only 6 maps in total for the entire event. Per style there will be one map for the group stage and one map for the playoffs and they will be from 50 to 60 seconds long with a intermediate difficulty. 

The maximum number of participating teams is for now limited to 16, if there would be more nations signing up then a qualification stage would be added the weekend before. 
The single national teams can have a size up to 18 players including the captain.

More information to be seen at Rulebook and Tournament Tree.


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