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TM World Team Cup



§ 1 Registration
1.1 Teams need to sign up via email. Existing captains can confirm participation via E-mail or Discord. New captains need to apply for their country’s via E-Mail: judges@tm-worldteamcup.de with the subject: Application >nation< captain >name<.
1.2 The team-captain or its representative needs to join the official Discord server of the tournament. Everyone else is recommended to join as well.
1.3 A charge of 500 Planets must be sent to “harni99” in order to confirm the registration.
1.4 Line up size has to be between 3 and 10 players. The captain does not have to be a player necessarily.
1.5 Players are not allowed to drive for more than 1 nation.
1.6 In case someone’s citizenship changed since the last edition, the affected players can contact the judges here: judges@tm-worldteamcup.de or via Discord.
1.7 Players that already played for a different nation need to verify the step to play with another nation. (1.6)
1.8 Lineup changes can be made until 4 days before the 1st scheduled match.
1.9 Lineups need to contain the information if the captain is an active part of the team or not.
1.10 There can be a maximum of 16 nations. If there are more signing up then there will be a qualification stage added. The qualification would be one weekend before the first play day.
1.10.1 Rule 1.10 does not apply this season. 
1.11 Team captains have to be able to provide a server for the matches.

§ 2 Communication
2.1 Main information channel is the World Team Cup homepage: https://tm-worldteamcup.de/
2.2 Platform for communication is the tournaments Discord server:
2.3 Contact persons are the admins and judges of the tournament which can be reached on the Discord server:
WebAdmins: Superal, Dan, Harni
Judges: Cocho, Razer, Beef
Map Admin: Link

§ 3 Structure of the Tournament
3.1 Tournament Tree
3.1.1 Tournament tree will be drawn completely random live on stream (tba).
3.1.2 Drawn teams will be seeded into the Winner Bracket Round 1.
3.1.3 An additional qualification won't work as a seeding. It has no influence on the drawn tournament tree.
3.2 Double Elimination
3.2.1 The whole tournament will be held in the double elimination format.
3.2.2 Whoever loses a match in the Winner Bracket will have to play in the Lower Bracket the next match.
3.2.3 Whoever loses a match in the Lower Bracket will be knocked out of the tournament.
3.2.4 Teams within the Lower Bracket can still win the tournament (reaching grand final over the consolidation final).
3.2.4 Consolidation final and grand final will be held on the same day.
3.2.5 Match-ups will be seeded by the draw of the tournament.
3.2.6 Still all rounds count into the result. (overarching different maps)

§ 4 Maps
4.1 Map Submission
4.1.1 Maps can be submitted until 16th June, submissions and changes after that might be possible, according to the number of maps received so far.
4.1.2 Maps need to be submitted via mail to maprequest@tm-worldteamcup.de, Subject: “>Style< - Map Submission WTC Stadium”.
4.2 Guideline
4.2.1 Map guideline can be found here: https://tm-worldteamcup.de/maps-2019.
4.2.2 The map guideline is mandatory for every map.
4.3 Evaluation
4.3.1 Maps will be evaluated by various map testers.
4.3.2 If your Map is picked, you get a notification the week before.
4.3.3 All Mappers will receive feedback after the tournament on request.

§ 5 Before the Match
5.1 Teams have to contact each other before the match to agree on date, time and hoster.
5.2 Contact channel is Discord, you can find a contact for each team on the Discord server.
5.3 There are specific match channels on the discord server for you to contact each other.
5.4 Default date and time is each Monday, 20 CEST and 21 CEST, information can be found here: https://tm-worldteamcup.de/groupsTree-2019.
5.5 Matches of one play day can be moved to Thursday before the default match time and Wednesday after default time.


§ 6 Match Procedure
6.1 Mode: Team
6.2 Points Limit: 5 (no tennis); 7 in Consolidation and Grand Final (no tennis)
6.3 Players: 3 vs 3
6.4 3 maps played every week
6.5 One 3v3 submatch per map
6.6 Tennis mode not allowed in group stage neither in playoffs.
6.7 Respawn is allowed until the consolidation final.
6.8 There will be 6 (7) maps in total, 3 for one weekend, oldest map will be replaced each week.
6.9 Map-order is determined on website: Newest first - but can be changed if both teams agree on a new order.
6.10 The match score will be decided by the number of won rounds. The team that has won more rounds overall wins the match.
6.11 In the case of a draw after 3 maps the newest map will be played as a “decider”. Which will also be played to 5 (Consolidation and Grand Final to 7) but with tennis mode in comparison to the others. (A;B;C-weeks)
6.12 If a team is 20 minutes late, the other team receives a def-win (15-0)
6.13 Players can be changed between the maps.
6.14 If a player has a game crash, the match will be paused for a moment. If noticed, it is possible to end round, if it happens within 10s after the start.
6.15 Players can be replaced during a map in case of a disconnection if the opponent agrees.

§ 7 After the Match
7.1 Submission of Results
7.1.1 Both teams need to submit the results on discord.
7.1.2 Results have to be submitted by the captain the same day.
7.1.3 If a team does not submit the result in time it receives a warning. If this happens a second time, the affected match will be counted as a loss.
7.2 Screenshots
7.2.1 Screenshots have to be uploaded.
7.2.2 You can not protest or prove any disrespecting of rules without screens or a VOD.
7.2.3 Every team is responsible for their own match documentation.
If teams of one match do not submit results or can not prove their correctness with screenshots in case of disagreements, both teams will be disqualified.

§ 8 Other Penalties
8.1 If a team misses 2 matchdays it will be disqualified from the tournament.
8.2 If a team has a player in their lineup, who already drove for another nation, it will be disqualified from the tournament after the judges had a look on the case.
8.3 A team that uses an unallowed cut will automatically lose the map with a score of 5-0.
8.4 Disrespectful behaviour which can be proved by screenshots/ VODs can lead to losing  points or a disqualification.

§ 9 Prize pool
9.1 There will be a cash prize for the winner of the tournament. (at least 100€ guaranteed [10€ / player of the winning nation])
9.2 There will be goodies sponsored by Nadeo for the top 3 players of the tournament, picked by judges.
9.3 Additions to the prize pool might follow.

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