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TM World Team Cup


Map Request Guideline

    • Name: $039WTC $fff- Nameofthemap
    • Length: 45-60 seconds
    • Mood: Day
    • Difficulty : intermediate, open to everyone
    • Respawnable: yes
    • Blockmixing: allowed, but make sure it doesn't produce glitches or graphical bugs
    • TM competition title pack and custom blocks: not allowed.
    • Maps need to be built in the normal 32x32 stadium.
    • Attractive scenery, but not overloaded: Tech <2500
    • Don't protect your map with a password (maps will get re-validated by me so the testers don't know who built the maps)
    • Check that there aren't any cuts
    • The maps are known only by the mappers. (including duo maps)
    • The sent-in map should be built exclusively for this tournament.
    • The signpack has to be used. Authors should be aware of updating the map on request, as sponsors can still change.
    • Maximum 2 maps per author (including duo maps)
    • no mediatracker

Please send your creations to the following E-Mail adress: maprequest@tm-worldteamcup.de (precise your nickname and map name in the subject of the email, example: link - Testmap).


The deadline to send your maps is on the 2nd June 2019.

The first map will most likely be released one week later on the 9th June 2019.

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