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1. Molotovs and Marhsmallows (MnM) (+2)

Lineup: nevermind, Speedy, Scottie, loic, Kulvi,  beat, AlexOoR, Eger, Easy, Serbi, Revolution, Rider

Can they break their curse? This was the last sentence from the MnM article before the CPS. And they delivered.
Winning the CPS and therefore getting their first tournament win ever was a huge statement from the squad lead by captain nevermind. Having beat and Kulvi back on the team worked wonders and strengthening their team hasnt stopped after CPS. They've added loic, Easy, Rider and Serbi.
They have been dominating the dedis and matches already and with this lineup they look seriously strong and are a very good contender for this title.
The fact that TMM maps are rather easy might be the only disadvantage MnM has. Apart from that only one question has to be asked: Will MnM win another title or can anyone stop them?


2. Venture (-1)

Lineup: Harni, Dutchy, B1ts, MathiCs, Scary, Ssoulja, Wag, Zycos, Skuggaco, Kimi, Dan, Schumi

Voted as the team of the year for 2018, Venture is not looking to slow down, adding several strong players to their lineup for TMM.
Despite getting knocked out already in the groupstage of CPS20 by Elementaries and MnM, they are still one of the favorites with their major strength being the lack of weaknesses, both in terms of lineup and motivation.
It will be interesting to see what the newcomers Skuggaco and Kimi, together with old players such as Dan and Schumi, will contribute to the already stacked squad and if they succeed to put this perfect mix of experience and talent on to the roads.
Because if they manage to do so,  they will as always be a team to fear as well as a clear contender for the trophy.


3. Runtime (-1)

Lineup: Beef, SeRs, Zammy, Maxc, Maciey, Mat, troLL, Mixmod

 While Runtime is another team that’s consistently close to the top in our ranking, this time they need to put in a lot of work to reach the top spots of the tournament considering how short their lineup is - even after adding Mixmod as their latest trial member, the lineup only consists of 8 players, and not all of those are necessarily active.
Only time will tell if that’s enough for Runtime in a 4v4 format, but it certainly means there will be a lot of pressure on each player to perform on the highest level on multiple tracks.


4. TrackmaniaHeroesEurope Blue (THE Blue) (=)

Lineup: DexteR, Piranha!, Sky, eddie, Shorty, Rambo, Toddy, Deska, Story, MoppeL

 Keeping their 4th position, the Mainteam of TrackmaniaHeroesEurope is looking to improve their performance from CPS 20 where they fell just short of reaching the playoffs.
However, they clearly showed that they can compete with the other top teams at any time. With new additions Shorty, Rambo and Story they can compensate the move of zBurst to THE Orange (their 2nd team).
Their top players Dexter, Piranha!, Sky and eddie can surely help the team reach the Semifinals or even the Finals if they can keep up their training and activity, we will see how it goes.


5. Planetkey Dynamics (PkD) (+4)

Lineup: link, ChillerSide, Complex, Dovi, JoDooky, keNz, Mesko, MiQuatro, Novis, Piranha, Renew, Zack

After a long time of struggle, PkD seems to finally be back at their feet proving that they once again are a team to fear.
Most recently reaching the finals of CPS20 and just falling short to MnM on the last deciding map in the final shows their current potential. It also seems like many of the players from the year of 2016, PkD's most succesful year so far, are coming back.
Players such as Zack, dovi and JoDooky can for sure strengthen the team further and can make them a serious contender for the title. If this trend continues, maybe we will see a new era of domination from PkD and with the improved activity of the former leader Flow, this does not seem very unlikely.


6. Elementaries (Elmt) (+1)

Lineup: Magorian, Tomczan, piana, Mikus, Tohto, miLmy, Spam, Katic, key, Narcor, Zloty

 Ranked noticably lower than their last placement in a team tournament (3rd place in TMS CPS20), Elementaries is perhaps one of the most underestimated squads which could be explained by the disappointing placements in the previous tournaments.
But despite very mixed results in the past year we can’t ignore the fact that their lineup became even stronger for this tournament with the recent additions, most notable ones being Katic and Spam.
We will have to wait and see if they can carry that momentum and motivation from the last competition into a 4v4 tournament with a very different structure, because the true potential of this team is way higher than the 6th position.


7. Ubiteam (+1)

Lineup: zad, aswer, Punky, Raptor, Ringoa, Shelly, Kronos, Roa, Yoyo, zo0m

 The former E-Corp squad has one of the strongest lineups on paper and is widely considered as the most experienced team out of this competition with top-players such as Kronos, Yoyo and Roa.
However, the question is whether they can find any motivation to put in the hard work needed to come back to former glory, which has been a struggle the past tournaments. An indication of their current state, however, is the lack of new recruitments lately and without new players it might be hard to move forward.
But perhaps we will see them fight back to the top, they surely have the capacity to do so!


8. Team Q Black (-2)

Lineup: Razer, Arieugon, Blackwell, CC., DatLemonDoe, Mac, MarciN, Marmerladi, PepZi, adri, veT

Team Q Black has been very consistently in the top 10 of the TM tech scene. Finishing Top4 in ALM Cup and TMO and also keeping their spot in the premier league of the CPS is supporting that statement.
Still, they are waiting for their first tournament win. In order to have something new to influence the way they can play they added 6 new players to their lineup since CPS and Walnut is the only player not being in the team anymore.
This means that their team consists of their core lineup with some new players and some veterans returning. The fact that it's unknown if this lineup extention is going to help Team Q or not is the reason why they have dropped in the ranking.
Still, with a good performance of everyone in this team, they can still clutch a win against any of the listed teams. This team can be very exiting to watch over the next tournaments.


9. Nerotec (prev. nLt) (+4)

Lineup: Bara, PaNda, Miki, Jussy, Flyer, TheSweetyMan, Nodd, Schriek

 Team Nerotec scores 9th position in this Ranking, which is the highest they have ever been. After not making the Premier League in the CPS 20 they are back with a few interesting lineup changes. Rizla, Beam and Acepte are gone and replaced with TheSweetyMan, Nodd and old E-Corp player Schriek.
These new players lift the team with Schrieks experience alone higher than their previous lineup, which is why they might be one of the dark horses to possibly make the Quarterfinals in this tournament.
That said, it's all worth nothing if their best players Flyer and Schriek aren't training. Nerotec can still defeat other bubble teams with Bara, PaNda and Miki who showed improvements over the previous tournaments, but they need their full force to battle all the higher ranked teams on this list.


10. Hardcore Power Drivers (hpD) (+5)

Lineup: zAphang, goessy, Barbos, ppmaster, Bomber, Optimus, Clixx, S-Jay, Tjalic, Vale, Mostwanted, 31ck

 hpD's lineup is stacked with new and strong players, which puts them 5 positions higher than their CPS Rank. With Hayo and ben_gilmore being replaced and the new additions Barbos (played for eK and PkD), ppmaster (played for RTA long ago), Clixx, Tjalic, Vale and Mostwanted this lineup has seen a significant rise in strength.
Most noteworthy Barbos, who has been one of the best german players a few years ago when he was active, can make a huge difference for this team.
hpD can also be considered Dark Horse when it comes to Quarterfinal placement, they will most likely need to defeat at least one higher ranked team to get there and it's all but impossible for these players.



The Power Rankings project aims to show the community a simple ranking of the current top tech teams to give an idea about their current strength. The idea of such a ranking is already present in other esports so why shouldn't it work for Trackmania aswell?

A committee of 5 community members who have a good overview about the scene is creating their own rankings individually and the averages will form the Power Rankings. The rankings are solely based off of the committee's opinions and not necessarily on any statistics like the teams past results or performances.

Since Trackmania teams only have very few appearances (usually only 1 match per week) these Power Rankings will not be updated as frequently as you could do it for other esports. 

The articles are written by several members of the committee:
Beef: Captain and player for Team Runtime
Harni: Captain and player for Team Venture
Razer: Leader and Player for Team Q
Railag: Player for Team Insects
Asura: Leader of Nerotec

NOTE: The Rankings and articles have been created before the 1st matchday of TMM, focusing on them and are also viewable on reddit.



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