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Power Rankings


1 .Venture (=)

Lineup: Harni, B1ts, Dutchy, Mathics, Scary, Soulja, Wag, Zycos

Keeping their #1 spot, Venture seems to be the new dominant Team in the techscene and after a long period of multiple teams fighting for tournament-wins Venture is the team to beat nowadays.
Coming from a very impressive performance in TrackMania Open where they completely dominated against MnM in the final they are also the natural favorite, only having made one change in their lineup dropping Jaka and adding the returning MathiCs.
There are many teams out there who have the potential to beat Venture, but they always seem to play best when it matters the most which is a big reason to their success.
Will they win yet another title, or will some other team sneak up behind and ruin their streak of wins? Only time will tell.


2. Runtime (=)

Lineup: Beef, troLL, Zammy, SeRs, Maciey, Maxc, Mat, DvD

Runtime have kept their second position in our rankings even despite the fact that they didn't manage to get out of the quarterfinals in a match against Molotovs and Marshmallows in the Trackmania Open, which shows how highly regarded the team is in the community, even if the latest result didn't quite match the expectations.
As for the CPS, we'll find out if their results can keep up with the amount of faith that's being put into them soon enough - and, even despite the very long inactivity, the most recent addition to the lineup doesn't hurt their chances, DVD most definitely has the level and experience of playing at the very top of the field.


3. MnM (=)

Lineup: nevermind, Speedy, Kulvi, Scottie, Egér, Revolution, AlexOoR, beat

MnM are as successfull as ever. Top dedis on the competition maps, reaching the grand final in the TMO.
But what is missing? A title. MnM is still waiting for their first competetive team tournament win.
They have come very close in the ESL CPS15, the PTC and the TMO2018. Maybe now, with beat and Kulvi back in the lineup they can gain their first title.
They have showed everyone that they have the potential, the speed and the regularity, but in the end they were always missing something.
With the competition as strong as ever, getting your first title right now is a very hard thing to do, but it would be a statement from MnM. Can they break their curse?


4. THE Blue (+5)

Lineup: zBurst, Piranha, Dexter, Moppel, Deska, Rambo, Sky, Eddie

Moving up 5 positions since the last edition is the first team of TrackmaniaHeroesEurope.
The Reason for this steep climb mainly comes from their top 4 finish in TMO, falling just short to the eventual winners Venture.
They have also made 2 lineup changes since then, with Kawi and Default getting replaced by Moppel, who has been playing for the 2nd team, and Eddie, a promising newcomer from hpD.
These new additions are getting them ready for any opponent that is in their way, which in this case are Runtime, GO, insects, PkD and Ubiteam in Division 2 of the Premier League.
If these players can motivate themselves to get in the needed training, especially the newer players, they can surely take at least top 2 in this group and are a promising playoff contender.
That said, the less experienced players might falter against the other top teams when it gets serious. It remains to be seen if they can keep it together!


5. Gamers Origin (new)

Lineup: softyB, Cocow, Cap, Papou, Aurel, Spam, Bren, Pac

5th place for Gamers Origin, who are represented the first time in our top 10 rankings.
The team focuses mainly on Solo competitions but have built a roster to participate in CPS 20. Coming in are the GO players together with Spam and Bren who are participating as guests, which makes this team a true force to be reckoned with once these skillful players are putting in some time.
The reason for them being "only" placed 5th is probably due to the unknown factor motivation. If these players take it serious, they are a clear contender to take home the title and anyone in their way.
Being placed in the 2nd division alongside Runtime, THE Blue, insects, PkD and Ubiteam they are expected to place in the top 3 and enter the playoff stage. Time will tell what will happen after that.


6. Q Black (+1)

Lineup: Razer, Arieugon, Marmeladi, Walnut, CC., DatLemonDoe

Team Q black is slowly but surely climbing the positions in the ranking.
They have finished Top 4 in the last 2 competitions (ALM Cup and TMO) and have shown that they are capable of reaching a grand final.
They haven't made any changes in their lineup compared to the TMO, showing that their lineup is very solid itself and that they know each other quite well by now.
Despite their back to back Top 4 finishes they only conquer the 6th spot in this ranking. This is mainly caused by the fact that people see the other teams ahead of Team Q Black in the direct head to head comparison.
With a good performance of everyone in this team they can still clutch a win against any of the listed teams. This team will be very exiting to watch over the next tournaments.


7. Elementaries (prev. MD) (-2)

Lineup: Tohto, Magorian, Narcor, Tom, Mikus, Piana, Subin, Milmy

Team Elementaries (formerly known as MaDrivers) is starting the season at 7th place in the rankings, dropping down 2 positions.
While this may not look so good, it was very close between them and the teams above, but this seemingly low ranking mostly comes from the fact that Elementaries don't have as many carry players as the better ranked teams.
Magorian is without doubt the best player of this squad and can surely help getting good results, though he needs help to do it, the other skillful players like the new pickup Tohto or Tom and Mikus got to support their carry as best as they can.
Unfortunately for Elementaries, they got placed in the harder Division 1 along the teams Venture, Team Q, MnM, orKsGP Black and outsects.
A realistic finish for them would be 3rd or 4th position with maybe taking down one of the teams placed above them.


8. Ubiteam (prev. E-Corp) (-4)

Lineup: zad, Shelly, Ringoa, Punky, aswer, Ranked, Katic, Raptor

Ubiteam find themselves dropping down 4 positions after not being very active and therefore unsuccessful in TMO.
Additionally, previous organization E-Corp has dropped all their players and left them teamless which surely doesn't help to gain back their motivation.
Ubiteams performance in this CPS is tough to predict, if the top players Ranked, Katic, Ringoa and new addition aswer (was in the team, but not in the lineup for TMO) are going to train, they can easily take on the top teams from this ranking.
However, as things are looking right now, they are not going to be serious about it. With this seemingly low level of motivation Ubiteam are determined to end up towards the end of their division (2. Division of PL).


9. PkD (-3)

Lineup: Link, ChillerSide, Complex, MiQuatro, Novis, Piranha, Renew, Yannex.

After a long period of mediocre results to say the least, PkD has decided to make a lot of changes to their lineup to prepare for CPS.
Only three names remain of the old PkD roster which two years ago dominated the techscene together with Dignitas and had one of the most impressive lineups the scene has seen.
But every team needs some changes from time to time to keep up the spirit and PkD definitely made some for CPS.Adding new talented players like Novis and Piranha aswell as an experienced player in Yannex they will most likely not shine in this tournament, but it looks to be a team for the future which can develop into something better.
Though it would not be to surprising if they could outdo the expectations for this tournament already as there is a lot of potential within the team.


10. orKsGP Black (-2)

Lineup: Angelo, Feed, Kenseily, Papou, Silver, Superal, Xless, Zahrokz.

Orks is a team which has been around for a long time participating both in online- and offline-competitions, lately establishing themselves in the top of the techscene.
They still however miss that outstanding performance to make them a real threat to the title and it is impossible to not notice the fact that their usually best player Symbiose is missing in the lineup.
However, they still have some aces upon their sleeve and with some big oldschool names like Papou and Silver and new faces like Feed they can definitely put up a good fight against the top teams.
They just lack that one starplayer which many teams have that can lift the entire team with his performance, which is a reason for their somewhat shy ranking. But maybe they will prove everyone wrong, who knows!?



The Power Rankings project aims to show the community a simple ranking of the current top tech teams to give an idea about their current strength. The idea of such a ranking is already present in other esports so why shouldn't it work for Trackmania aswell?

A committee of 5 community members who have a good overview about the scene is creating their own rankings individually and the averages will form the Power Rankings. The rankings are solely based off of the committee's opinions and not necessarily on any statistics like the teams past results or performances.

Since Trackmania teams only have very few appearances (usually only 1 match per week) these Power Rankings will not be updated as frequently as you could do it for other esports. 

The articles are written by several members of the committee:
Beef: Captain and player for Team Runtime
Harni: Captain and player for Team Venture
Razer: Leader and Player for Team Q
Railag: Player for Team Insects
Asura: Leader of NoLimit 

NOTE: The Rankings and articles have been created before the 1st matchday of ESL, focusing on them and are also viewable on reddit.



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