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Power Rankings - Second edition of Power Rankings out now!

03.10.2018, 20:06 Uhr


The second edition of the Power Rankings is now out! Find out whether E-Corp kept their first place or if a new squad snatched first place. The ranking is now available on this website, under the "Power Rankings" tab.


As a reminder, Power Rankings is a tentative ranking of the strong competitive tech teams of the moment, giving everybody a quick glance at which teams are the most dominant. It is made by a panel of 5 judges (Beef, Harni, Asura, Razer, Railag). 

World Team Cup - MVPs and a word of thanks!

28.08.2018, 19:52 Uhr

Last week, the 2018 WTC came to a close with France’s victory over Germany in the finals. It is now time to look back on the key players of the competition, the ones who were voted MVP in each style by a panel of three judges (Razer, Rexine, and Cocho) overseen by Harni.


Tech: Roa 

Roa   was voted MVP for Tech for his very fast and consistent performances in the key matches of the tournament, especially in the finals, where he had 7 first place finishes in his submatch, leading France to their 7 – 6 win over Germany in the very last round of the tournament.

Match to watch: France vs Germany (Grand Final) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-rgeI8v4aI (in French)

Honorable mentions:

Angelo   for his overall performance and for his overtake of the entire German team in the last corner, getting France the tournament win.

Revolution for his overall performance.


Dirt: Fire 

Fire   was a step ahead of every player in this tournament. He was able to deliver an insane level of play in the finals as well, where it mattered the most, sealing for his team a very impressive 7 – 2 win in the Dirt submatch against Germany. His capacity to handle pressure and to drive quick times in dire situations are the reasons why Fire   was voted MVP for this style.

Match to watch: France vs Belgium/Netherlands (WB Finals) – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/297576794

Honorable mentions:

Firestorrm for keeping up with the fast French players during the Grand Final.


FS: Dan 

Among all the FS lineups in the tournament, Germany’s lineup stood out. In this lineup, Dan  outshined everybody. In the Grand Final, he drove within four tenths of the WR in 8 of the 9 rounds, showcasing his talent for very fast yet consistent performances. He, alongside his teammates, brought Germany back to 9 – 9, which was almost enough for them to bring the trophy back home, had luck been a little bit more on their side.

Match to watch: France vs Germany (Grand Final) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-rgeI8v4aI (in French)

Honorable mentions:

kID   for his dominance over most of his opponents throughout all the matches.

SinasAppel for his great level, even finishing first in all seven rounds of Belgium/Netherlands vs Portugal/Spain.


On a side note, we also drew a random player who will win prizes. Congratulations to Bullet ! Here is a word from Harni, organizer, as a closing note:

“I am super happy that we could host such an awesome first Stadium WTC. It is amazing to see so many different nations signing up for a multi-style nations cup, which kind of proves that the new system of a double-elimination tree seems to work. Furthermore, it is great to get good feedback from various players and I am already looking forward to the next editions. In the end, I also want to thank all the sponsors and partners, which helped us to realize this project: thank you Medienagentur Dorsten for your amazing hosting service, Nadeo for great prizes and of course also Venture for donating some prize money! See you next time... on Tech.”


World Team Cup - France is your WTC 2018 World Champion!

20.08.2018, 22:05 Uhr

 France  is your WTC 2018 winner! After an insanely tense match against Germany, they managed to win it 16 – 15.



Dirt:  France 7 – 2 Germany 

FS:  France 2 – 7 Germany 

Tech:  France 7 – 6 Germany 


After winning Dirt 7 – 2, France was in a great position to win the match. However, they knew that, with an injured Navi , it would be difficult for them to win (or to get any points at all) against Germany in FS. Still, they managed to snatch two points, bringing the aggregate to 9 – 9 before entering the Tech submatch. France started with a 3 – 1 lead, but Germany managed to come back to 4 – 2 before clutching a 6 – 6 score, meaning that whoever would win this round would be sacred World Champion. In the end, thanks to a 1 and 2 finish from Angelo  and Omnipotz , France managed to win the last submatch 7 – 6.

Congratulations to the players:

Angelo - Kronos - OmnipotZ - Ranked - Roa - KiD - Navi - Piranha - Ryzex - SalociN - Zerojah - Aurel - Clem - Cocho - Fire - Jerem - Krim - link (Captain)

World Team Cup - Second mappack – download link

06.08.2018, 21:00 Uhr

Here are the three maps that form the second mappack for the World Team Cup. The mappack will be played for the rest of the competition.


The maps are:

Dirt: WTC - Marille by link

Fullspeed: WTC - virtuoso by fredair

Tech: WTC - White Mask by kimi


Link to download the maps: https://tm-worldteamcup.de/maps


Have fun to all the players!

World Team Cup - Round 1 – Winner Bracket matches overview and summary

02.08.2018, 21:58 Uhr

During the first round of play in the Winner Bracket, we saw a variety of matches being played. Some top-tier teams like Belgium/Netherlands, France, and Germany dominated their opponents, while other teams struggled to find their footing, like Finland or Portugal/Spain, and are now in the Loser Bracket to try to turn the tide. Other matches were closer: we saw an intense battle between Africa and Hungary, for example, or between Baltics and South America. Here is an overview and a summary of how all the matches played out.


  BEL/NED 15 – 1 PT/ES  

  OCE 8 – 14 AUT 

  NA 5 – 11 CZ/SK  

   BAL 12 – 9 SAM 

 FRA 15 – 1 FIN 

 GER 15 – 6 NOR/SWE  

 DEN 8 – 10 POL 

 AFR 11 – 9 HUN 



Winner Bracket 1–1 (VOD by Shadokk: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/291348982)

  Belgium/Netherlands 15 – 1 Portugal/Spain  

Overall domination from BEL/NED.

Dirt: 5 – 1

BEL/NED: SkandeaR – Pinda – Ragha                                                         PT-ESP: Arieugon – Wilson – peks


The first round of the match went in favor of Team PT/ESP, but it was the only round that they won over the course of the whole match. The lack of composure of the Iberian players allowed their opponents to take safe lines and finish rounds on subpar times without being challenged.


MVP of the submatch: Skandear


FS: 5 – 0

BEL/NED: SinasAppel – Complex – Tfue                                                     PT-ESP: uFmao – Dominik – Japer


The deadly duo SinasAppel  and Complex  respectively finished first and second in every single round of this submatch, showcasing an above-average consistency which gave no chance to the Iberian lineup.


MVP of the submatch: SinasAppel 


Tech: 5 – 0

BEL/NED: Dutchy – Kenseily – Superal                                                       PT-ESP: Wilson – peks – Arieugon


Once again, no chance for the Iberian players due to the gap in consistency between the two teams. A bitter defeat that can be attenuated by the fact that the match was already over, making the PT/ESP lineup play much less seriously than they could have. A strong showing of consistency for BEL/NED, however, with a very nice 3-man pack finishing within a tenth of a second in the last round and with overall points of 24, 23, and 23, thus securing 70 points out of 75.


MVP of the submatch: Dutchy 



Winner Bracket 1–2 (VOD by Superal: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/291002829)

  Oceania 8 – 14 Austria

Oceania put up a good fight, but Austria was just too consistent.

Dirt: 2 – 5

OCE: Muffe – Mudda – Toph                                                                              AUT: Bomba – Speedy – Rlln


A fast Mudda  was not enough to stop the onslaught of the Austrian players, all driving consistently and without many mistakes. Consecutive blunders from the Oceanians made it so that Austria could accrue a substantial lead coming out of the first map. Worth noting: Speedy  , Rlln , and Bomba  finishing respectively with 25, 24, and 23 points.


MVP of the submatch: Speedy 


FS: 5 – 4

OCE: Mudda – Muffe – nappen                                                                    AUT: Speedy – fingolfin – sotnem


A very tense second match, where Mudda  and Muffe  teamed up to secure first and third as often as possible. In the end, they managed to bring home the victory on this second map despite, once again, good consistency by the Austrian players. Mudda , as always, was imperial on Fullspeed, driving a whopping 51.876 (Dedi 3) in round 3 and a 51.936 in round 4. The aggregate of 7 – 9 in favor of Austria meant that Oceania would have to upset the Austrians on their worst style – a touch task that was too much to overcome for the Oceanian tech trio.


MVP of the submatch: Mudda


Tech: 1 – 5

OCE: danny – Hollist – Poke                                                                            AUT: Zammy – Speedy – gms


Tech was the final nail in the coffin for Team Oceania, as gms (Asserich) , Speedy , and Zammy  all consistently drove fast times and let no room to breathe to the Oceanians. A stellar performance tarnished by one lost round where five of the six players hit a wall, which led to a 2-3-4 configuration for Team Oceania, granting them the round as a result.


MVP of the submatch: Zammy 


Winner Bracket 1–3 (VOD by Exosum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX00ruDLyPk&index=3&list=PL-TM4tOGvxc9w2SY_mZP_BPWyTjOFSVtn)

  North America 5 – 11 Czech/Slovakia  

A strong performance in Dirt did not suffice for NA to beat the Europeans.

Dirt: 5 – 1

NA: Nixotica – Snowman – DatLemonDoe                                                  CZ/SK: ToXx – Tom3y – whatever


Despite ToXx’s  best efforts to challenge the North American players, the NA trio was able to secure a rather easy victory on the first map thanks to consistent times driven by Nixotica , Snowman , and DatLemonDoe .


MVP of the submatch: ToXx 


FS: 0 – 5

NA: rexine – DontCare – Droiyd                                                                      CZ/SK: Paragraf – Scale – dejf


The close first round, lost by NA, was the only close round in the submatch. Led by a dominant Paragraf  who finished first in every round, CZ/SK dominated North America. The 5 – 0 victory might not have been expected looking at the lineups, but the Czech and Slovakian players paid no heed to that and played their game, eventually putting their team back on track after their heavy loss on the Dirt map.


MVP of the submatch: Paragraf


Tech: 0 – 5

NA: DatLemonDoe – Chung – wally                                                                   CZ/SK: Loso – tween – CvRk


Team Czech/Slovakia, on arguably their best style, made use of their eSuba duo in Loso  and tween  to harshly beat the North Americans, whose performance did not match their lineup’s talent.


MVP of the submatch: Loso 



Winner Bracket 1–4 (VOD by Shadokk: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/290724363 and https://www.twitch.tv/videos/290724362)

  Baltics 12 – 9 South America

A tense and back-and-forth match overall where consistency proved to be the key.

Dirt: 5 – 1

BAL: Kikers – B1ts – Destiny                                                                                 SAM: Matt – Ener – Vyper


The match started with a convincing win from Team Baltics over Team South America on the dirt map (5 – 1). Mistakes from a couple of Baltics players allowed the South Americans to snatch a point midway through the submatch, but they fell short of experience on such maps and were in the end unable to challenge the consistent Baltic players.


MVP of the submatch: Kikers 


FS: 2 – 5

BAL: Atamic – B1ts – kimi                                                                         SAM: Accelerated – k9Saint – rick


The fact that Atamic  drove his personal best and in the second round of the submatch (52.288; Dedi 19), bringing Baltics back to 1 – 1, boded well for the Baltics lineup. However, the teamplay and consistency of team SAM proved too much to handle for the Baltics players despite a very strong showing from Atamic  for Team Baltics (35 points out of 42, DNF one round). SAM eventually won the submatch with a convincing 2 – 5 score, bringing the two teams to an aggregate score of 7 – 6 before entering the last submatch.


MVP of the submatch: Atamic 


Tech: 5 – 3

BAL: B1ts – Destiny – kimi                                                                                   SAM: Matt – Carti – nunez


A very tense last submatch in which both teams made many mistakes due to the unforgiveness of the track. All the players showed a similar performance, but it boiled down to focus and nerves in the end, and Team Baltics managed to get the better of the South American lineup (5 – 3).


MVP of the submatch: Carti 



Winner Bracket 1–5 (VOD by Cousin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYL_ACRDzqw)

France 15 – 1 Finland

Finland did their best against a French team that was too far in front.

Dirt: 5 – 1

FRA: JereM – Krim – Clem                                                                  FIN: Marmerladi – wormi27z – momba


A solid performance by the French, who only let Finland take one point after mistakes from two of their players, letting only Krim  to battle with the Finnish players up in front. Although the Finnish did their best, they were unable to challenge France any further on the first map.


MVP of the submatch: Krim 


FS: 5 – 0

FRA: kID – ZeroJah – Navi                                                                FIN: ClearVision – momba – Marmerladi


On Fullspeed as well, the French lineup was simply superior to that of Finland. kID  even put on a show and drove a 51.897 (+0.16 on Dedi 1) during the last run of the submatch. The fact that the Finnish had very few players available did not help them either to put up a fight over the course of the whole match.


MVP of the submatch: kID 


Tech: 5 – 0

FRA: Kronos – link – Roa                                                                 FIN: ClearVision – wormi27z – apinalokki


Even a rather shaky performance by Roa  did not allow the Finnish to take any round in this submatch. Kronos  and link  were fast and consistent, and they led their team to a 5 – 0 victory on this submatch as well.


MVP of the submatch: Kronos 



Winner Bracket 1–6 (VOD by Nutella: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/291455376)

 Germany 15 – 6 Norway/Sweden  

Last year’s champions, Germany, lived up to the expectations and dominated Norway/Sweden.

Dirt: 5 – 1

GER: riolu – Firestorrm – Marius89                                               NOR/SWE: DuffarN – KlockreN – Wheeler


On paper, having a full dirt lineup boded well for team Norway/Sweden, but in the match, a seemingly well-practiced German team was able to get the upper hand and win round after round, despite Marius89’s  unusually poor performance, with the three Swedish players trailing behind Firestorrm  and riolu  in many of the rounds.


MVP of the submatch: riolu


FS: 5 – 1

GER: Findus – Areo – Pettersson (Craicy)                                        NOR/SWE: keby – Cunninlynguist – Rockz


Germany’s Fullspeed lineup is arguably the strongest lineup in this tournament. Even without their fastest player Jäger , they were able to secure a dominant 5 – 1 victory over a nonetheless quick and consistent NOR/SWE lineup.


MVP of the submatch: Findus 


Tech: 5 – 4

GER: keNz – Harni – Beef                                                                     NOR/SWE: Razer – Rewenz – Svanen


A very close submatch where the three Q players put up a great fight against Germany in a back-and-forth battle for the lead. However, they could not manage to snatch a map victory, losing a very close last round which featured an equal time (52.132) by keNz  and Harni .


MVP of the submatch: keNz 




Winner Bracket 1–7 (VOD by Dunste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whLMEflCSFI)

 Denmark 8 – 10 Poland 

Denmark had FS, Poland had Tech, and Dirt decided everything.

Dirt: 3 – 5

DEN: fupz – Arpe – Dunste                                                                           POL: RotakeR – MarciN – Deska


Despite a great start for Team Denmark, leading 3 – 1 coming out of the fourth round, Poland managed to win four rounds in a row to secure a nice 3 – 5 victory on the Dirt map. RotakeR’s  stellar performance (42 points, 11 points in front of Dunste ), driving fast and consistently, allowed his country to get a small lead coming into the second map.


MVP of the submatch: RotakeR 


FS: 5 – 0

DEN: Sulaz – nicklasK – Veto                                                                           POL: magik – Deska – MarciN


The small lead from Dirt for Poland was quickly reversed by Denmark. The Danish players consistently drove 52’s, which was enough to beat what is arguably the weakest lineup that Poland had brought on that day.


MVP of the submatch: nicklasK 


Tech: 0 – 5

DEN: Dunste – serbi – Venom                                                                              POL: Mikus – Maxc – Subin


If Germany has the best FS lineup of the tournament, Poland has the best Tech lineup. Three of the five first Dedimania records are from Polish players and their consistency is incredible. They showed it in this submatch, rolling over an underprepared Danish lineup with a score of 5 – 0, which was enough to secure the victory for Poland in this match with a close aggregate of 8 – 10.


MVP of the submatch: Mikus



Winner Bracket 1–8 (VOD by Scotsman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d9Zbpyu5xM)

Africa 11 – 9 Hungary

Intense battle but Africa came out on top.

Dirt: 1 – 5

AFR: CiremyxX – Saoopire – itachi                                                                           HUN: Szogi – zoo – Egér


Dirt, the second submatch, was CiremyxX’s  chance to prove that, after being carried on Fullspeed, he could carry his teammates on his favorite style: Dirt. However, despite his best efforts, he had a rather poor performance, which can unfortunately even happen to the best players, and Hungary was able to take this submatch with a score of 1 – 5.


MVP of the submatch: Szogi


FS: 5 – 0

AFR: Ulti – Shwam – CiremyxX                                                                      HUN: Egér – bendszo – Marcell


The first submatch in this match was actually Fullspeed, as both teams agreed to it. Africa started off strong with Ulti  and Shwam carrying their team to a 5 – 0 victory over Hungary.


MVP of the submatch: Ulti


Tech: 5 – 4

AFR: Yass – Jaja – softyB                                                                             HUN: Egér – SaLvatore – Daniel


After a 6 – 5 aggregate in favor of Africa, Tech remained as the last submatch to be played. Both lineups had one ace who could drive quickly with some train, and it boiled down to which one was able to avoid making mistakes. In that regard, both Jaja and Egér  finished the match with 38 points. The deciding factor was the remaining players, and the African lineup was a tiny bit stronger than that of Hungary. Africa won this submatch with a score of 5 – 4.


MVP of the submatch: Jaja


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