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World Team Cup - Rulebook, Sponsors, Schedule

20.05.2019, 20:26 Uhr


TrackMania folks, WTC is drawing closer! Have you applied for captainship yet? If not, and in the event that you were interested in leading your nation for this year’s Tech World Team Cup, do not hesitate to follow the steps described in the previous article. You have until the 9th of June to apply, so be quick! As a reminder, here are the countries which are not looking for captains anymore:






This list will be updated tomorrow.

The rulebook for the Tech WTC 2019 is now available at this address.

We are also proud to announce that, once again, Venture, Medienagentur Dorsten, and Nadeo will be sponsoring the cup! Thank you for your support, as always. Thanks to them, we are proud to announce that the prizepool for this edition will reach at least 100€ (as well as some goodies)!


You can find the definitive dates for this year’s cup in the schedule below:

02.06.2019 – Map submission closed

03.06.2019 – Team captains can confirm their nations once they are approved + LU channel will be renewed for captains on Discord

09.06.2019 – Registration closed & release of first map (for qualification)

12.06.2019*/20.06.2019 – Line-up formation deadline

(16.06.2019 – Qualification)*

24.06.2019 – 1st/2nd playday

01.07.2019 – 3rd/4th playday

07.07.2019 – WB Final, …

14.07.2019 – Consolidation/Grand Final

*Dates relevant if qualification playday needed


For a less wordy look at the schedule, check out this very beautiful Tournament Tree.

World Team Cup - Applications for Captainship Open

06.05.2019, 20:05 Uhr


We are officially launching the applications for captainship for the Tech World Team Cup 2019! You can now apply to become your nation’s captain for this summer. However, not all nations are looking for a captain, as some will keep the captain they had last year. Here is a list of the nations which will keep their captain:








You can now apply for the captainship of other nations and group of nations. All applications will go through a judging process led by the WTC judging staff. The requirements for applying as captain are as follows.

Applicants must:

- be at least 17 years old

- assure us esports and community knowledge (contact to players)

- have an ability for structured organizing

- provide a possible server to play on

- provide a picture of ID (to prove nationality – can be censored except for the name and country)

- provide a Discord Name+ID (and needs to be on our Discord)


Send all the above to judges@tm-worldteamcup.de.

Nation captains will be confirmed within two weeks after the applications. Registrations will close on the 9th of June 2019.

World Team Cup - Map Request Open!

03.05.2019, 19:35 Uhr

The map request for the Tech WTC 2019 is officially open!


As announced a couple of days ago, we are once again looking for Tech maps meeting the criteria found here: Map Request Guidelines.


We are also looking for map testers for this event. Are you interested in helping us select fantastic maps for the community? If so, you can send us an email to maprequest@tm-worldteamcup.de or contact link#5795 on Discord.


On a side note, we have also updated the graphics in the Maps section of this website: https://tm-worldteamcup.de/maps.

We are looking forward to playing your creations!

World Team Cup - Tech WTC 2019 Overview

29.04.2019, 22:26 Uhr


The countdown to the Tech World Team Cup 2019 has begun! Originally announced for May, the newest WTC competition will now take place this summer. This article will serve as an overview of how it will work.

Double-elimination bracket returns

This year’s Tech edition marks the return of the double-elimination bracket. Nations will play head-to-head matches to 5 points per map until the consolidation final, from where the winning score will rise to 7 (without tennis mode). The losing nation then drops to the Loser Bracket, and if it was already in the Loser Bracket, it is eliminated from the competition. Just like last year, the nation accumulating the highest amount of points over the 3 maps wins the match.

Nation composition

Each nation will comprise up to 10 players and the format stays 3v3. Nations lacking a sufficient number of players may merge granted their request is approved by the WTC judging committee.

Map request

The map request will open in a few days. Similar maps to last year’s will be requested, so get ready for the official announcement and to fire up the editor!

Still looking for sponsors

In order to bring you, players, the most satisfying prize pool, we are currently (and still) looking for sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the second iteration of a wildly-acclaimed event, contact us at business@tm-worldteamcup.de.

More detailed information (such as the complete rulebook, the official map request and more) will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, as summer – and WTC! – draws closer.

Power Rankings - Third edition of Power Rankings out now!

03.02.2019, 15:54 Uhr


The third edition of the Power Rankings is now available in the "Power Rankings" tab! Is Venture still considered the best team or is yet another first place contender now deemed as the most powerful team? Will newer teams be able to reach the top 10? You can find the top 10 in "Power Rankings" and the full top 15 on Reddit at this address: Top 15.

The Power Rankings are created by several members of the committee:
Beef: Captain and player for Team Runtime
Harni: Captain and player for Team Venture
Razer: Leader and Player for Team Q
Railag: Player for Team Insects
Asura: Leader of Nerotec 


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