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World Team Cup - Tech WTC 2019 Overview

17.06.2019, 20:50 Uhr


The Tech World Team Cup 2019 is just around the corner, with the first matches kicking off in exactly a week! Can’t be bothered to have a look at the lineups? Maybe your Tech scene knowledge isn’t extensive enough to understand which nations are favorites? Do not fret, we’ve got you covered! As tension is building up with training well underway (hopefully), let’s have a brief look at the nations partaking in this first edition.

The nations aren’t ranked in any particular order within the sections.




AlexOoR – Feed – Kronos – link – Mat – OmnipotZ – ringoa – Roa – zad – Zahrokz


The WTC 2018 winners are here to prove that they can take it home again.

Not losing a single Tech sub-match in their 2018 run (against Finland, Germany, Poland, BEL-NED, and Germany once again), they are major favorites coming into this year’s event. However, their line-up is on paper much weaker than that of last year. Only Kronos , Link , OmnipotZ  and Roa  will race again this year. In compensation, France is bringing some newer talents in play, like Mat , as well as experienced players, like zad , who have looked rock solid in online events this year. Though the French are not looking like heavy favorites (as they usually are) this time, they are still eyeing the trophy for this edition, and rightfully so. 



Barbos – Beat – Beef – Dexter – Eddie – Harni – Massa – Moppel – Onio – Revolution


France’s biggest rival, Germany, is once again here to play.

Barely losing to the French in both Tech sub-matches they played against them in 2018 (4 - 5 and 6 - 7), Germany is this time around looking to beat its old nemesis with what seems to be the most stacked line-up in the entire tournament. After Onio  returned to the competitive scene in the beginning of 2019, he proved that he still had the skill to be one of the best by achieving a 7th place finish in Gamers Assembly 2019. However, he missed the qualification for TMCup due to personal issues, which makes it unlikely for him to play in good shape for this competition. Barbos , Dexter , and Revolution , to name but a few, have shown insane carry performances as well during recent online events. The cherry on top is Massa , coming out of solid yet slightly bittersweet solo events like GA or TMGL and willing to show that he still has what it takes to be one of the best in online events. The rest of the lineup, though seemingly weaker than the aforementioned players, would still be enough to dominate most nations in this tournament, and that makes Germany one of the scariest nations to face this year. On paper, they are here to win, but we have yet to see if they will deliver.


:flag_cz: :flag_sk: Czech Republic-Slovakia :flag_cz: :flag_sk:

Buky – Bullet – DanikB – Flyer – Kappa – Novis – Tween


Imagine having a line-up with a World Champion, a frequent LAN event finalist, one of the three best online players in the world, and a multi-style genius. That is Czech Republic-Slovakia.

At first, we wondered whether Kappa :flag_cz: and Tween :flag_sk:, both from team Sampi, would be keen on participating actively to the WTC, but after an unlucky miss on their qualification for the TMCup, they might be looking to turn their frustration into a drive to stomp the competition in this event. If they are, indeed, training hard, they might complement Novis :flag_cz: and form the scariest trio to face in the entire tournament. When on an off-day, the Planetkey Dynamics player only looks like the third best online player in the world. When on a good day – as he so often is – he is a true racing machine, and he probably has the drive to show the world what Czech Republic-Slovakia is made of alongside his compatriots.

Aside those three players, there is still DanikB :flag_cz:, TMGL player, who has shown decent results in solo events in the past, as well as Flyer :flag_cz:, who currently plays the TrackMania Championship Series with Nerotec. Those two players can definitely play at a high enough level to warrant a place in the line-up and perform well enough to beat most nations in the tournament. In a nutshell, Czech Republic-Slovakia could look like the best nation in the world with a fully trained line-up, but could also barely make Top 4, should the Sampi duo not put much effort in training for the cup.



The Netherlands

Complex – Dutchy – Fafy – Javzo – MathiCs – RedExtra – SinasAppel – Spam – Wag – Zycos


Complex  is just too good, but the rest seems a bit out-of-form.

A strong line-up on paper, boasting arguably the best online player worldwide in Complex . His performance isn’t the worrying factor for this line-up, but it is rather the fact that the Venture players (Dutchy , MathiCs , Wag , and Zycos ) have been playing in League 2 of the TrackMania Championship Series without much competition, and they might be a bit out-of-form because of that. It can be worrisome considering they will suddenly have to face very strong opponents in the likes of France, Germany, or Czech-Slovakia in their run for the trophy. Spam  also qualified for the TMCup finals, which will surely lessen his hours of training for the WTC.

However, the Netherlands have been known for delivering solid performances in the past, and they can surely reiterate that this time around. Overall, the Dutch line-up might contend for the title if every player in the line-up plays to their best level, but it is nevertheless hard to consider the Netherlands as much more than outsiders. Even so, a top 4 finish would be very logical considering the raw talent they possess.



Deska – Maciey – Magorian – Marcin – Maxc – Narcor – Tom


Poland is an outsider, but they should never be counted out.

They already showed some contention for the trophy in last year’s event, but they were held back by their (slightly) weaker FS and Dirt lineups. This time, with the tournament only covering Tech, they are looking to show the world their best shot at the title. They do look slightly weaker than the three favorites, but key players like Magorian  can carry an entire line-up, granted it is made of players who are consistent and fast. That is exactly what the Polish line-up is made of: Narcor  and Tom , from Elementaries, as well as Maciey  and Maxc , from Runtime, have shown solid performances in the past and can be counted on to deliver in matches. It will be pivotal for those players to show up at the same time to defeat teams like Germany, but it isn’t out of the question just yet. The first playday will tell us what exactly we are to expect from this line-up.


The “we’re here to upset” nations


Dofault – Kenseily – Paynn – Saevertje77 – S-Jay – Ssoulja – Superal – SuptimaL – troLL


Who will carry?

The Belgian line-up is full of promising and great players, but they lack that one player who will make the difference for the team. troLL  could fulfill that role, but it will depend on his training and who they will face. Behind him, a group composed of fast players like Kenseily , Ssoulja , Superal , and Suptimal  could make the difference for their nation. Belgium is looking like a team which will never drop the ball against slower nations, but which will find itself having a harder time once it needs to upset better opponents in order to advance.


:flag_ca:  North America :flag_ca: 

Bobus – CarlJr – mael – Nicus – Recks – Sharp – Tromi – Utshimass – wally – Zimmi


There is a three-times World Champion, and then we’re not really sure.

North America can boast having the best overall player in the world, CarlJr :flag_ca:, and a veteran Tech player like wally :flag_ca:, but it unfortunately seems to end here. Players like Bobus :flag_ca: and Tromi :flag_ca: have shown consistent improvements throughout the months and are doing well in TrackMania Heroes Europe, but they might lack what it takes to battle with the best. Mael :flag_ca: and Recks :flag_ca: could also do well, but it will depend on their form and on the opponents. Couple that with the probable absence of CarlJr :flag_ca:, focusing on the TMCup, and you have a line-up that could deliver during this cup, but which might fall short when it matters. North America may however still put up a good fight, especially if wally :flag_ca: plays (and then again, we aren’t sure of that either), so they should not be counted out quite yet.



Air – angelhard – Egér – erwinweber – Ic3man – nevermind – Ricso – SaŁvatore – Supra – Zoo


Two great players might be enough to go far.

Hungary-Romania will have to count on their two star players from Marshmallow n’ Molotovs, Éger  and nevermind , to carry the nation. Behind them, good players like Air  or SaŁvatore  will have to try and follow them in order to help their nation win matches. Otherwise, it might prove difficult for them to challenge the favorites and outsiders. Hungary-Romania will surely be able to pull off wins against the weakest nations in the tournament, but it will all fall down on the MnM players’ shoulders to reach higher heights than that.


    South America    

caio – carti – devidess – ener – gabbo – manox – matt – nugget – natz – nunez


Just like Belgium, but on the other side of the Atlantic.

On paper, the line-up doesn’t look so bad, but will they have what it takes to beat strong nations? Probably not. They lack an obvious carry for the team, despite having strong players overall, like Carti , ener , gabbo , manox , matt , nugget , and nunez  (so basically everybody). The lack of activity of some of them in recent competitions might be fatal against nations similar to South America, which have a good core of players. Most players in this line-up have a history of doing very well, but they all seem to be past their prime. Maybe this competition is their best shot at a Redemption (pun intended), as they are still very capable of leading South America to upsetting top nations. A dark horse for sure.


:flag_ee: :flag_lv: :flag_lt: Grand Duchy of United Baltic States :flag_ee: :flag_lv: :flag_lt:

Alienwaras – B1ts – Kawi – Kimi – L3L3


With a name longer than their lineup, their best shot at winning anything might be the award of the longest name this year.

I just really wanted to make fun of their name, to be fair. The Grand Duchy of United Baltics States (hereafter “the Baltics”, because come on) could show good performances on the back of B1ts :flag_lt:, Kawi :flag_ee:, and Kimi :flag_ee: if they manage to find the time to all train at least two maps. The Baltics aren’t the favorites in any match really, but it is a close call. If their whole line-up shows up in the same match, they can surprise most of the nations which aren’t contenders for the title. In any case, teams like these completely represent the spirit of the WTC: even if you have very little chances at winning, registering to represent your nation proudly is a virtue that ought to be praised. Sorry for teasing, Baltics, we love you here at WTC.


:flag_at: Austria :flag_at:

PokeR – Rollin – Scary – Schwammy – Speedy – Stonem – Zammy


Austria is the bridge between outsiders and the rest.

If you had to put one team between the outsiders and the rest, it would be Austria. Their core, composed of Speedy :flag_at: and Zammy :flag_at:, shows great potential, but it will depend on whether the rest of the team can follow their pace against the stronger opponents. If so, they have a good shot at upsetting a nation and thus making top 4. Otherwise, they look like a 6th place team who will be able to play decently all the way. Overall, this line-up is a big question mark. Rollin :flag_at: will probably not play much after qualifying for the TMCup. PokeR :flag_at: might be active, or maybe not. Depending on the fashion in which Austria will show up in the first playday, the bridge might either solidify itself or crumble under inactivity.



Aneex – Aslan – cool – Daddy – İzmir Jr – king0d – uNcons – Vertigo


The old-school overwhelminG line-up (and some other good players) is here!

overwhelming (owG) used to be a recognized Tech line-up a few years back. After the team ceased their activities, they are now back together under the Turkish flag. They might not seem very threatening in their current form (at least to the top teams), but they certainly do have a shot at going far if they recoup their old shape. A team to watch, as players like king0d  can certainly pose a threat to unprepared nations.



Kiwi – Loller – NisseFro – Olas – Rambo – Razer – Rewenz – Shockzo – Walnut – Wind


The old land of TM powerhouses looks scary coupled with its Norwegian neighbor.

Norway-Sweden is a stacked line-up, but most of them are competing in the bottom of the standings in the current TrackMania Championship Series Leagues 1 and 2, like Razer , NisseFro , Rewenz , or Walnut . Though it is very much sufficient to beat less-experienced teams, they have a good chance to struggle against favorites and outsiders, unless players like Olas  or Rambo  pull a carry performance out of their magic hat, granted as well that the rest of the team follows him closely. All in all, NOR-SWE is a team which could go far should the odds be in their favour.


That is all for the team presentation. Obviously, teams have to face each other, and the draw could thus influence their run. In order to find out what the draw looks like, head over to the tournament tree.

The opinions in this article are solely the author’s (Superal) and do not represent the official view of the WTC towards the players and the nations. This overview was made with the help of the WTC judges and some nation captains who lent a word to us regarding their goals and expectations.

World Team Cup - Three More Days to Register

12.06.2019, 21:17 Uhr


You have three more days to still register for this year’s Tech World Team Cup, thus until Saturday the 15th! Join the following 13 nations to compete for the trophy and a minimum prizepool of 100€.







:flag_at: AUT/Orso

:flag_ca:  NA/Recks

:flag_lt: :flag_ee: :flag_lv: BAL/Kem

:flag_cz: :flag_sk: CZ-SK/Exosum






Do not be afraid of registering your nation, even if you do not expect tremendous results. Join us, play in this year's most international event, and represent your nation with pride!

Captains can still apply according to the following requirements:

Applicants must:

- be at least 17 years old

- assure us esports and community knowledge (contact to players)

- have an ability for structured organizing

- provide a possible server to play on

- provide a picture of ID (to prove nationality – can be censored except for the name and country)

- provide a Discord Name+ID (and needs to be on our Discord)


Send all the above to judges@tm-worldteamcup.de.

World Team Cup - Map Request Extension, Captainship, Map Testing

30.05.2019, 21:52 Uhr


You now have until the 16th of June to send in your creations according to the mapping guidelines. This extension of the deadline is a result of the fact that no qualifications will be held this year, as it is prospected that we will not surpass a total of 16 teams.

It is also worth mentioning that the last available spots will work on a first come, first serve basis. If your nation still is not represented, you can apply to become a captain by following the following steps:


Applicants must:

- be at least 17 years old

- assure us esports and community knowledge (contact to players)

- have an ability for structured organizing

- provide a possible server to play on

- provide a picture of ID (to prove nationality – can be censored except for the name and country)

- provide a Discord Name+ID (and needs to be on our Discord) 

Send all the above to judges@tm-worldteamcup.de before the 9th of June.


We are still looking for map testers for this event. Are you interested in helping us select fantastic maps for the community? If so, you can send us an email to maprequest@tm-worldteamcup.de or contact link#5795 on Discord.

The first map will be released on the 7th of June and the two next maps the weekend after, so that we do not interfere too much with the TCS mappack release.

World Team Cup - Rulebook, Sponsors, Schedule

20.05.2019, 20:26 Uhr


TrackMania folks, WTC is drawing closer! Have you applied for captainship yet? If not, and in the event that you were interested in leading your nation for this year’s Tech World Team Cup, do not hesitate to follow the steps described in the previous article. You have until the 9th of June to apply, so be quick! As a reminder, here are the countries which are not looking for captains anymore:






:flag_at: AUT/Orso

:flag_ca: CAN/Recks

:flag_lt: :flag_ee: :flag_lv: Baltics/Kem

:flag_cz: :flag_sk: CZ/SK/Exosum


This list will be updated tomorrow.

The rulebook for the Tech WTC 2019 is now available at this address.

We are also proud to announce that, once again, Venture, Medienagentur Dorsten, and Nadeo will be sponsoring the cup! Thank you for your support, as always. Thanks to them, we are proud to announce that the prizepool for this edition will reach at least 100€ (as well as some goodies)!


You can find the definitive dates for this year’s cup in the schedule below:

02.06.2019 – Map submission closed

03.06.2019 – Team captains can confirm their nations once they are approved + LU channel will be renewed for captains on Discord

09.06.2019 – Registration closed & release of first map (for qualification)

12.06.2019*/20.06.2019 – Line-up formation deadline

(16.06.2019 – Qualification)*

24.06.2019 – 1st/2nd playday

01.07.2019 – 3rd/4th playday

07.07.2019 – WB Final, …

14.07.2019 – Consolidation/Grand Final

*Dates relevant if qualification playday needed


For a less wordy look at the schedule, check out this very beautiful Tournament Tree.

World Team Cup - Applications for Captainship Open

06.05.2019, 20:05 Uhr


We are officially launching the applications for captainship for the Tech World Team Cup 2019! You can now apply to become your nation’s captain for this summer. However, not all nations are looking for a captain, as some will keep the captain they had last year. Here is a list of the nations which will keep their captain:








You can now apply for the captainship of other nations and group of nations. All applications will go through a judging process led by the WTC judging staff. The requirements for applying as captain are as follows.

Applicants must:

- be at least 17 years old

- assure us esports and community knowledge (contact to players)

- have an ability for structured organizing

- provide a possible server to play on

- provide a picture of ID (to prove nationality – can be censored except for the name and country)

- provide a Discord Name+ID (and needs to be on our Discord)


Send all the above to judges@tm-worldteamcup.de.

Nation captains will be confirmed within two weeks after the applications. Registrations will close on the 9th of June 2019.


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