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World Team Cup - WTC Tech Edition coming in May and more!

17.02.2019, 11:16 Uhr


Greetings everyone!


As promised, some news are coming you way regarding the World Team Cup (or World Team Cups) in 2019. Our staff is proud to announce that two WTC will be hosted this year, starting with a Tech WTC in May 2019. The multi-style edition, similar to last year's edition, will be hosted later. Get ready to assemble a team, as more details will be revealed when the deadline gets closer.


We are also looking for sponsors in order to offer the best prizes to the players. In the event that you are interested in helping us secure a healthy prize pool for everyone, contact us at the following e-mail address: business@tm-worldteamcup.de.


The WTC staff

Power Rankings - Third edition of Power Rankings out now!

03.02.2019, 15:54 Uhr


The third edition of the Power Rankings is now available in the "Power Rankings" tab! Is Venture still considered the best team or is yet another first place contender now deemed as the most powerful team? Will newer teams be able to reach the top 10? You can find the top 10 in "Power Rankings" and the full top 15 on Reddit at this address: Top 15.

The Power Rankings are created by several members of the committee:
Beef: Captain and player for Team Runtime
Harni: Captain and player for Team Venture
Razer: Leader and Player for Team Q
Railag: Player for Team Insects
Asura: Leader of Nerotec 

Power Rankings - Second edition of Power Rankings out now!

03.10.2018, 20:06 Uhr


The second edition of the Power Rankings is now out! Find out whether E-Corp kept their first place or if a new squad snatched first place. The ranking is now available on this website, under the "Power Rankings" tab.


As a reminder, Power Rankings is a tentative ranking of the strong competitive tech teams of the moment, giving everybody a quick glance at which teams are the most dominant. It is made by a panel of 5 judges (Beef, Harni, Asura, Razer, Railag). 

World Team Cup - MVPs and a word of thanks!

28.08.2018, 19:52 Uhr

Last week, the 2018 WTC came to a close with France’s victory over Germany in the finals. It is now time to look back on the key players of the competition, the ones who were voted MVP in each style by a panel of three judges (Razer, Rexine, and Cocho) overseen by Harni.


Tech: Roa 

Roa   was voted MVP for Tech for his very fast and consistent performances in the key matches of the tournament, especially in the finals, where he had 7 first place finishes in his submatch, leading France to their 7 – 6 win over Germany in the very last round of the tournament.

Match to watch: France vs Germany (Grand Final) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-rgeI8v4aI (in French)

Honorable mentions:

Angelo   for his overall performance and for his overtake of the entire German team in the last corner, getting France the tournament win.

Revolution for his overall performance.


Dirt: Fire 

Fire   was a step ahead of every player in this tournament. He was able to deliver an insane level of play in the finals as well, where it mattered the most, sealing for his team a very impressive 7 – 2 win in the Dirt submatch against Germany. His capacity to handle pressure and to drive quick times in dire situations are the reasons why Fire   was voted MVP for this style.

Match to watch: France vs Belgium/Netherlands (WB Finals) – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/297576794

Honorable mentions:

Firestorrm for keeping up with the fast French players during the Grand Final.


FS: Dan 

Among all the FS lineups in the tournament, Germany’s lineup stood out. In this lineup, Dan  outshined everybody. In the Grand Final, he drove within four tenths of the WR in 8 of the 9 rounds, showcasing his talent for very fast yet consistent performances. He, alongside his teammates, brought Germany back to 9 – 9, which was almost enough for them to bring the trophy back home, had luck been a little bit more on their side.

Match to watch: France vs Germany (Grand Final) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-rgeI8v4aI (in French)

Honorable mentions:

kID   for his dominance over most of his opponents throughout all the matches.

SinasAppel for his great level, even finishing first in all seven rounds of Belgium/Netherlands vs Portugal/Spain.


On a side note, we also drew a random player who will win prizes. Congratulations to Bullet ! Here is a word from Harni, organizer, as a closing note:

“I am super happy that we could host such an awesome first Stadium WTC. It is amazing to see so many different nations signing up for a multi-style nations cup, which kind of proves that the new system of a double-elimination tree seems to work. Furthermore, it is great to get good feedback from various players and I am already looking forward to the next editions. In the end, I also want to thank all the sponsors and partners, which helped us to realize this project: thank you Medienagentur Dorsten for your amazing hosting service, Nadeo for great prizes and of course also Venture for donating some prize money! See you next time... on Tech.”


World Team Cup - France is your WTC 2018 World Champion!

20.08.2018, 22:05 Uhr

 France  is your WTC 2018 winner! After an insanely tense match against Germany, they managed to win it 16 – 15.



Dirt:  France 7 – 2 Germany 

FS:  France 2 – 7 Germany 

Tech:  France 7 – 6 Germany 


After winning Dirt 7 – 2, France was in a great position to win the match. However, they knew that, with an injured Navi , it would be difficult for them to win (or to get any points at all) against Germany in FS. Still, they managed to snatch two points, bringing the aggregate to 9 – 9 before entering the Tech submatch. France started with a 3 – 1 lead, but Germany managed to come back to 4 – 2 before clutching a 6 – 6 score, meaning that whoever would win this round would be sacred World Champion. In the end, thanks to a 1 and 2 finish from Angelo  and Omnipotz , France managed to win the last submatch 7 – 6.

Congratulations to the players:

Angelo - Kronos - OmnipotZ - Ranked - Roa - KiD - Navi - Piranha - Ryzex - SalociN - Zerojah - Aurel - Clem - Cocho - Fire - Jerem - Krim - link (Captain)


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